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Our Turkey based Debt Collection Agency has been started on the premise of collaborating with foreign corporate, retail and financial companies seeking to
Recover Overdue Accounts in Turkey.
We have been providing quality debt collection services in the last few decades and became  one of the most preferred Agency in Turkey.
Leave your debt collection in Turkey to the professionals.

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Immediate phone contact in Turkish and mail notification on each account.

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Account reports and payments to the Clients by 10th of each month.

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We will provide success rates above industry standards!

We are confident that we provide a combination of quality, value and success rate that no other competitor can deliver on debt collection services in Turkey.

Results on 20 Days

Most of the agencies will receive your request or documents and the file may sit somewhere for days or weeks. We do open cases the same day and the debtor is contacting within 24 hours of placement day. Sending your account for debt collection is good but seeing results in 20 days ( same month...) is even better. Read more

Debt Collections, Live.

Our debt collection software allows you to see your outstanding receivables progress securely and conveniently.
We do provide secure access to our SAAS, you have access to our debt collections notes, payments, expected payments, phone calls and statistics 24/7/365. What else?

Litigation in Turkey, when needed

To determine litigation options, we will review the account and check viable collection options. If this is the case, our client will receive a recommendation from agency an request his approval. A Turkish attorney will be assigned and the account pursued for resolution or judgment.

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Our online customer resources allow you to access your files 24/7, place new accounts, create reports and speak with our helpful customer service staff.

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A range of adaptable services tailored to your specific needs. No joining fees, cancellation fees or renewing contracts.

Local offices in Turkey

We are a Turkish agency, though our corporate headquarters are situated in Istanbul, we have office in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Kayseri.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need a business collections agency able to recover past due accounts by contacting your debtors, negotiates payment, and maintains customer relationships. Quickly.

Q: What are the Debt Collection Costs in Turkey?

Collection costs must be agreed as set out in the agreement, although in practice they will never be billed to the debtor and would rather serve as a mechanism for negotiation. Although there is no relevant written agreement, the court will usually order the defeated party to pay the cost of recovery if legal action is taken ( Turkish Debt Collection Law No. 6100 on Civil Procedures, Law No.492 on Charges).

Q: Why should I hire your agency?

InterStation Turkey is proud to offer professional service and communication since 1998. We're looking for a quick and efficient handling of debt collection accounts in Turkey.
We work to speed up processing and find responses as needed immediately, usually with a one-day turnaround.
Our success speaks for itself. While the typical debt recovery rate in Turkey is 18%, we always have a debt recovery rate of 78%. We ensure that you are also included in every step of the way between our well-documented process and transparency.

Q: Can you help if I am interested in starting legal proceedings in Turkey?

We recognize that it can be difficult to recover a debt using litigation in Turkey. Our Agency  therefore has an in-house litigation team. We will collaborate with you to register correctly the clain with the courts. Our work includes summonses, lawsuits, and even garnishments of salaries if necessary to cover any outstanding debt.

Q: What happens if I receive payment directly from a debtor in Turkey after placing my file?

We do contact the debtors directly, as soon as we are instructed and usually the same day. If the debtor decides to pay into your bank account it is fine. We will send you an invoice for our commission.

Need Debt Collection Service in Turkey?

The out of court ( amicable debt collection in Turkey ) option should be preferred to direct legal action in Turkey. Friendly mediation options should always be considered as the best alternative to formal legal action, given the difficulty of securing prompt judgments from domestic courts.

Until beginning legal proceedings against a borrower, it is necessary to determine the resources as it allows confirmation as to whether the business is still operating and whether the chances of recovery are best. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the solvency condition of the debtor: when insolvency proceedings are launched, a debt can not be enforced.

Legal Debt Collection in Turkey

should then start with a registerd debt collection Demand Letter, recalling the duty of the debtor to pay the principal together with late payment interests, but in practice it is very necessary to depend on a Turkish debt collection agency with local correspondents as they will be able to enter into a dialog with the debtor.
Obtaining payments in the form of a debt payment is somewhat acceptable, however getting a collection expert attempting to begin execution proceedings at a bailiff's office usually helps to exert more leverage if the debtor refuses negotiations.

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Steps to Collect a Debt In Turkey

The Debt and its Enforcement

When the debt is confirmed and unchallenged, Law No. 2004 on Execution and Bankruptcy offers fast-track payment order proceedings for debt recovery before the bailiff's office.

The debtor is then ordered to pay or protest within seven days (five days if the debt derives from a bill of exchange) from the Payment Order's delivery date.

If the debtor remains silent, the creditor can obtain from third parties attachment of the debtor's movable and immovable assets (including bank accounts) as well as the debtor's accounts receivable. If the debtor raises a complaint, an ordinary lawsuit must settle the case.


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Need to Collect a Debt in Turkey using Legal Actions?

Our enforcement and execution services include the below services:

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Amicable Debt Collection at Start, Legal Actions Quickly:

Our solutions cover every aspect of the official debt collection cycle, which is typically accompanied by direct discussions with the Turkish debtor. Our routine  procedure follows the following steps:

Proven Debt Collection Strategies in Turkey, since 1998:

We provide timely, diligent, reliable, straightforward and value-effective debt collection solutions against companies and individuals, including high-volume debt collection requirements from banks and other corporations. Duties are carried out with the value of brand protection and reputation in mind as well as other important constraints to ensure the right results for the business of our customers.

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