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Have questions about common or legal debt collections terms? Need to know how to collect quickly a debt abroad and wonder where to start? Watch our videos and articles below,
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Debt Collection Solicitors Turkey

Debt Collection Lawfirm in Turkey
Apply Legal Pressure! A Debt collection lawyer in Turkey can unleash the power and fear of legal consequences a lawsuit may involve, such as; discovery, depositions, judgements, credit damage, liens, writs of execution and the cost of time and money spent for their defense.
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Due Diligence Turkey

due diligence service in turkey
We have developed a nationwide network of highly skilled, credit and insurance trained professionals to assist us in achieving unparalleled results in receivables management. Risk Assessment * Premium Auditing * Integrated Receivables Management * * Provider Bill Audits * Alternative Dispute Resolution * Arbitration * Subrogation * * Investigations * Collections * Litigation Support
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Internation Debt Collection Agency

contact an International Debt Collection Agency
Diplomatic patient/customer retention policies Turkish and International Debt Collections, Since 1998 Increase the recovery percentage Cut costs on collections With many years of hands-on experience, this debt collection agency is perfect for...
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Recovery Company Turkey

English speaking debt collection agency in Turkey
Good Credit Management & Debt Collection is essential, not an option. Our Mission? To provide excellent service to our clients in the fields of receivables consulting & training. Clients are the reason for our existence and we focus on listening to their needs, providing solutions and rendering service in a manner which we would like to enjoy when we are clients of an organisation.
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Collection Agency Turkey

Collection Agency Turkey
Debt research has been conducted in Turkey and key recent findings have included: 1. Small to medium businesses (SME’s) have inadequate debt collection and risk management procedures. 2. A high incidence of bad debts and lack of credit control play a key role in SME failure, where failure occurs. 3. 52% of SME’s in Turkey do not follow their own credit policy guidelines and procedures for chasing outstanding debt. 4. The most effective means of preventing bad debt write off is early, consistent follow up.
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Collection Services Turkey

debt collection service in Turkey
Collect debt sooner! We are accomplished at helping businesses dramatically improve debt collection in Turkey without harming their goodwill, and our clients are testimony of our outstanding results.
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Business Debt Collection Turkey

Fast Debt Collection In Turkey
You Have Reached The Effective Debt Collection Service! Every business person understands the implications of bad debts on cash flow and the difficulties of managing book debts and implementing payment terms. As a general rule, if someone owes you money and are refusing to pay-up you have a legitimate claim.Act Today!
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Commercial Collection Agency Turkey

commercial collection agency turkey
You extend credit and you want to be paid, it's that simple. Our Turkish Debt Collector, will contact your debtors via telephone within 4 hours of account placement to introduce themselves, explain why they are calling and request immediate payment. If payment is not received immediately the full collection process will begin.
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