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Debt Recovery in Turkey ?

You have just found the real debt collection solution for your receivables.
We, at InterStation Turkey, are specialists in the recovery and collection of overdue business debts for Turkish and cross-border cases since 1998.
Our services include:
County Court claims - Debtor Tracing - Asset Tracing - Company Searches - Private Bailiff recovery - Statutory Demands - Charging orders - Third Party Debt orders - Attachment of Earnings  in addition to a host of further litigation services in Turkey.

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Collect Debt in Turkey

We always agree with our clients on the best course of action to guarantee that we can recover debts in Turkey successfully and effectively on their behalf.
We have a high rate of success and have more than doubled the recovery rate for many companies who have traditionally sought to recover their accounts in Turkey.

We provide

Legal Debt Collection Turkey

We offer a full Debt Collection service with an advanced techniques, 20 years of experience and success in the Turkish Debt Recovery industry.
We provide excellently-established professional expertise and ensure timely status reports on your legal procedures in Turkey. 

Highly experienced

Specialising in both

pre court action debt collection and post judgement enforcement. We customise our debt recovery service to meet our creditors individual requirements.

Meet requirements

Customised Recovery

This can vary between carefully persuading a debtor to pay - for example a long term valued client - to a more aggressive and direct approach, including seizing goods under warrant, tracing absconded debtors and other post judgement enforcement action.

extremely effective

Private bailiffs

who are extremely effective in recovering goods or assets, even from the most resilient debtor. We also offer a credit checking service for your new clients to help minimise bad debts in the first place.

Turkish debt collection agencycollect my debt in Turkey
before entering in business

Protect Yourself

With some simple

know how and amendments to your terms and conditions, you can minimise the cost of having to recover overdue debts in Turkey.

Debt Recovery Fee Reimbursement

Make a provision in your terms and conditions that "all debt collection fees incurred in recovering overdue accounts will be added to the overdue invoice amount"

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“Beware of little expenses a small leak will sink a great ship”

Benjamin Franklin

restore positive cash flow

Our Agency will help You to Reach your Financial Goals

While our main goal is to collect the debt that is owed, our debt collection agencies also work hard to make sure that the business owner–client relationship stays intact if at all possible.

When we make our effort to reach out to your customer to secure payment, terms are often worked out and then it is business as usual.

Simply complete our contact form and allow our debt collection agencies professionals evaluate your specific needs and recommend a level of service to meet the scope of your accounts and the unique needs of your business.

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Our Debt Collection Solutions in Turkey

Effective and fast recovery of debts in Turkey of a company is crucial if you want to get back your cash fast. it makes perfect sense to leave debt recovery to professionals so as to ensure maximum cash flow in the business.
Our debt collection agency deliver effective results that do not compromise any business relationships. With many years of hands-on experience,  our debt collection agency in Turkey is perfect for your business.

Fast &  smooth recovery
Early Debt Collections
Success fee or on BPO pricing
Up to 60 days past due
Usually for high volume accounts
Friendly contacts via email
Friendly contacts via SMS
Live access to our collection notes
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Soft Debt Collections
Success fee /  BPO pricing or Mixed fee
Up to one year past due accounts
For high volume and case by case accounts
Contacts via email &  calls
Contacts via SMS and other techniques
Live access to our collection notes
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Bad Debt Collections
success fee /  mixed fee
Accounts over one year old
Disputed Accounts
Contact via emails, calls, SMS and more
Investigation + in-house lawyer + site visits
Live access to our collection notes
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Pre-legal debt collection procedure in Turkey
Mixed fees
Pre-legal Procedure
In-house Lawyers
Invoice, Contract or Valid Documents proving the debt is needed
No Power of Attorney needed
Written summons to pay sent to Debtor
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Debt Enforcement in Turkey
Mixed fees + Court fees
Debt Enforcement Based Upon a Court Judgment
In-house Lawyers
Invoice, Contract or Valid Documents proving the debt is needed
Power of Attorney required
Collect using litigation or Court Order for Payment
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Enforce Debt in Turkey
mixed fees + court fees
Debt Enforcement Based Upon a Recognition of Debt
In-house Lawyers
Invoice, Contract or Order for Goods proving the debt is needed
Power of Attorney required
Seizure of assets
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👍 It is crucial to confirm if the debt might become barred by prescription at collection date.
If it is imminent, the Creditor should request and enforcement proceeding in writing ( and orally) at the debt enforcement office within the area of the debtor's location.
That office will serve the summons to pay, even without continuing the procedure this action will interrrupt the prescription period.
Everything You Need to know

Facts About Turkey

If we look at the country’s economic history for the last 100 years,  Turkish economic expansion has been quite remarkable given the few natural resources it has.

Legal system

is derived from various European legal structures and accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction, with some variations. Turkey is member of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) located in France.

Judicial branch

The judicial system in Turkey has a multipartite structure at the levels of first instance courts, district courts and supreme courts. Constitutional Court (AYM), judges appointed by the President; High Court of Appeals (Yargitay) and Council of State (Danistay), judges are elected by the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK). Court of Accounts (Sayistay); Military High Court of Appeals; Military High Administrative Court (YAS).


Turkey is one of the world’s biggest markets with a population of 76 million and a labour force of 28 million.
Half of the population is below the age of 30, Turkey has the highest youth population and 4th largest labour force compared to EU-27 countries.


Within 4 hours of flying distance, Turkey has access to 1.5 billion customers in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa and to markets with a total $25 trillion GDP.

Great Exports

Turkey’s major export partners in 2013 were Germany (9%), Iraq (8%) and the UK (5.8%), while major import partners were Russia (10%), Germany (9.6%), China (9.8%) and USA (5%). UK is Turkey’s 8th biggest trade partner with 3.7% market share in its overall trade.

High Transactions

According to Ernst & Young’s M&A (mergers and acquisitions) Barometer report, Turkey’s M&A market had the highest transaction number and volume (297 transactions with $18 billion investment) in 2012 in the Central and South Eastern Europe Region.

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Our Turkish Debt Collection Agency provide accounts receivable management solutions.
We cure problem accounts and prevent future delinquencies.

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