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Debt research has been conducted in Turkey and key recent findings have included: 1. Small to medium businesses (SME’s) have inadequate debt collection and risk management procedures. 2. A high incidence of bad debts and lack of credit control play a key role in SME failure, where failure occurs. 3. 52% of SME’s in Turkey do not follow their own credit policy guidelines and procedures for chasing outstanding debt. 4. The most effective means of preventing bad debt write off is early, consistent follow up.

Collection Agency Turkey

Collection Agency Turkey

It is also important to recognise that debt collection is part of the sales process, it is much more costly to get a new client than service an existing one.

The decision to optimise your business debt collection In Turkey is a very important one, and one for which you are to be congratulated.

One reason is that collection problems can have their roots somewhere in the sales process. We like the thought of getting more business and know too well the temptations that can bring. Poor business is often generated with inadequate concern paid to the likelihood or ease of debt collection.

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Another often-neglected aspect is that debt collection staff are in a sense part of the sales team because they interact with customers. The activities and attitudes of debt collection staff can directly impact on clients in a positive or negative manner.

Your clients are extremely valuable both in terms of Goodwill on your balance sheet, and because of their “lifetime value” – the value to your company of future income. In addition, it is much more costly to get a new client than service an existing one.

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