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Collect debt sooner! We are accomplished at helping businesses dramatically improve debt collection in Turkey without harming their goodwill, and our clients are testimony of our outstanding results.

debt collection service in Turkey

Collection Services Turkey

For legal debt collections our Turkish Debt Collection Agency have an established procedure for contacting the debtor, preparing final notice correspondence, preparing Court documents as required and submitting to the Court. Every endeavour is made to settle without recourse to a Court hearing and this is successfully achieved in many of our cases.

Our first approach is amicable but when needed we do take debtors to Court in Turkey.

The Debt Collection procedure in Turkey was originally established to make it easy for both businesses and the public to recover debts without recourse to expensive legal advisors in Turkey.

Action Prior To Issuing Proceedings

The court do require that all avenues of settlement are explored prior to the issuing of proceedings. This means that the other side should be given a reasonable period of time to respond to a payment demand before a claim is filed at court.

In many cases the other side may request extra time in order to investigate the potential claim. A reasonable period of time is between 7 and 14 days (we favour 10 days) which should be allowed.

After that, if there is no positive response, proceedings can and should be issued.

In all cases full documentary evidence of the claim should be disclosed to the other side at the earliest opportunity. Any omissions could result in the documents being ruled "inadmissible" by the judge and give the other side opportunity for further delay.

The Court procedure

Small Claims are not heard in open court but by a judge in chambers. Effectively, the evidence is heard in informal surroundings around a table and the judge will make an immediate decision.

It should be noted that there is no formal appeal procedure - you get a full and final result on the day. However, if a decision is made in your absence because you could not attend through no fault of your own you can apply for the Judgment to be set aside.

Judges tend to be very patient with lay claimants as they know that they will be both nervous and unaccustomed to court procedures. However, there are strict rules of conduct and verbal abuse, interruptions and unreasonable behaviour are not tolerated.

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