Due Diligence Turkey

We have developed a nationwide network of highly skilled, credit and insurance trained professionals to assist us in achieving unparalleled results in receivables management. Risk Assessment * Premium Auditing * Integrated Receivables Management * * Provider Bill Audits * Alternative Dispute Resolution * Arbitration * Subrogation * * Investigations * Collections * Litigation Support

due diligence service in turkey

Due Diligence Turkey

We have a wide variety of products and services designed to assist our clients with receivables management. Many of our products and services have been developed in direct response to our clients' requests. If your needs do not appear to be expressed in one of the categories listed below just explain your unique situation to one of our friendly and helpful staff members and we'll customize a product or service to meet your needs.

This service will help you to:

Enhance policies and procedures regarding the credit evaluation of new customers, accounts receivable management and internal collections
  • Collect past due premiums, deductibles and claim overpayments with services ranging from customized letter demands, personal telephone contacts, in-person field visits and referral to local attorneys.
  • Make informed business decisions by offering access to our worldwide network of computer databases and private investigators.
  • Mediate disputes regarding audit, retrospective rating, short rate cancellation and financed premiums.
  • Identify third party liability and evaluate potential recovery from tort feasor employer or secondary payor.
  • Prepare cases for litigation with comprehensive background investigations on plaintiffs and thorough asset investigations of defendants.

Our due diligence service in Turkey

is aimed to become the preferred provider of accounts receivable management services, information resources and litigation support to the insurance industry. The overriding purpose of the company is to develop and deliver solutions which will help clients improve profitability by making informed business decisions regarding the evaluation of risk, billing and collections, and the investigation/payment of claims.

Our Agency maintains its reputation as an innovator and a leader at the forefront of receivables management technology by listening to our clients and immediately responding with products and services designed to meet their needs today and far into the future.

When you're ready to experience personal attention, care and concern for protection of your company's most valuable asset from a receivables management service that guards your company's reputation as carefully as you do, call us. You'll be glad you did.

Doesn't your company deserve the level and quality of service offered by our team? Contact the friendly and helpful staff of InterStation today and take a vacation from receivable management worries immediately.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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